PA Act 32

Pennsylvania Act 32

PA Act 32 Information and Forms

Earned Income Tax Collection

    Based on new legislation, earned income tax collection will be changing. In July of 2008, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed and Governor Rendell signed into law Act 32, the Earned Income Tax Collection Consolidation Act. Act 32 provides for the consolidation of earned income tax collection to countywide tax collections districts and for the standardization of the local tax collection process. 

    Starting in January 1, 2012, Keystone Collections Group will be serving as the Tax Collector for Bethlehem-Center School District as well as Deemston Borough, Centerville Borough, Beallsville Borough, Marianna Borough, East Beth Township and West Beth Township. The change in tax collectors was brought about by Act 32 of 2008 which requires municipal governments and school districts in Pennsylvania counties, except Philadelphia, to select a single tax collector.

    There is no change for the 2011 tax year. Quarterly earned income tax, local services tax and annual reconciliations should all be sent to our current collector for processing. No changes are required until the 1st quarter 2012 payments.