The SAP Team at Bethlehem-Center Middle School consists of staff and community agency liaisons who are dedicated to helping students. Members of the SAP Team are trained to identify students who are experiencing barriers to learning. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Declining academic performance

  • Poor attendance

  • Withdrawing from family, friends, or activities

  • Feeling overwhelmed or stressed

  • Changes in mood or behavior

  • Experiencing a major life change

  • Experimenting with alcohol and/or other drugs

Anyone can refer a student to the SAP team. With the permission of parent(s)/guardian(s), team members will help students and their families find services within the school and community. All information is confidential, and participation is voluntary.

If you have any questions, or know a student who may need help, please contact one of the following SAP Team members:

Amanda Kinneer Principal

Paige Butka School Counselor

Debra Venick School Nurse

David Colditz Teacher

Larissa Rathway Teacher

Amy Romesburg Teacher

Heath Vavrek Teacher

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